About Sophie

Hi! In case my name doesn’t appear enough around the blog…I’m Sophie!  Firstly, thank you so much for stopping by to consume my humble ramblings. I’d like to call myself a professional writer (and while I suppose I can, it still feels odd to say!). I am a Mum of two, wife of one and currently study for a degree in English Literature/Creative writing whilst running my own Copywriting business.  (Cheeky self-promotion there – check out my services here to see what kind of content I write professionally.)

But anyway, you’re here for the blog. And we are much less formal round these parts. Here is where I spill my musings on life, love, food, beauty, health, planning, decor, fashion, motherhood….anything really. It’s quite the eclectic mix. Writing is such a passion of mine it’s nice to put pen to paper (I do still literally draft my posts on paper – que another passion of mine…stationery!) and get out my inner most thoughts in a casual and friendly space. Although profound they are not, I like to think they make for a light, enjoyable read.

Anyway, before I talk you out of it completely, have a little browse through my posts if you like and if you enjoy what you read then please stick around, grab a cuppa and join in with some comments. You’ll find we’re all quite friendly!

Thanks for visiting!

Sophie x