DIY Natural Lash Extensions

I’ve been doing my own lash extensions for as long as I can remember and have tried pretty much every system on the market.  The trend of applying extensions or small clusters underneath the natural lash is showing up online and in lash kits galore, but it’s a technique I’ve used for years, and it really does give the most flawless result!  My current routine is one I’ve been settled with for a few months now and I believe I’ve found a good combination that works, is fuss free and lasts well.  If you’d like a step by step, keep reading…


The lashes I’ve been reaching for are these Individual Faux Mink Clusters from Technic.  There are a number of faux mink individuals on the market, from brands such as Ardell and W7, however none compare in my opinion to how soft and beautiful these lashes look and feel.  I also prefer these as they are slightly shorter and therefore more natural for everyday wear.  I’ve found these for sale in Wilko and Body Care in the UK and tend to stock up whenever I’m in store, so I don’t run out. 

In addition to the lashes, I use a longer lasting adhesive (however if you want to trial this method for the first time you can use the lash glue included as it isn’t as permanent).  The Ardell Lashtite* adhesive in black is very good and I don’t imagine I’ll stray from it anytime soon.  It’s also available in clear if you prefer and there is a specific remover which is excellent.

The rest of your kit is simple and made up of things you probably already have lying around in your beauty bags.  

  • Precision tweezers for lifting the clusters and applying
  • Larger tweezers/lash applicator for ‘clamping’
  • Clean spoolie for combing
  • Lash curlers (optional)
  • Compact mirror for checking your application from all angles
  • Regular mirror (magnifying if you prefer) for … well, looking in!

With a makeup free face and clean, dry lashes we are ready to begin.


Ensuring your face and lashes are free of oils as this can hinder the adhesive, comb through your natural lashes with your spoolie to ensure they are nicely separated.  If your lashes are particularly straight, or you just prefer a more lifted finish, you can curl your natural lashes at this stage before you apply any clusters.   I tend to work on one eye at a time and as a rule I use the same amount of lashes each application.  Get your clusters ready on a clean flat surface – I use the following lash map:

  • 6 long for outer third
  • 4 medium for centre
  • 3 short for inner corner

Next you’ll need a blob of glue – not too much as this does dry quite quickly once it hits the air – which I tend to pour out onto the back of the lash pack (you can use a piece of foil for this if you want to be a bit more profesh).   And we’re ready to begin..


The real trick to achieving the flawless, seamless look is (as mentioned above) applying your clusters underneath your natural lashes.  I prefer to look down into a mirror to do this but you can also lift your upper lid if you prefer.  Just ensure you are gluing to your actual lash hair and not your lid or skin.  Avoid using too much glue as it can be quite potent and eyewatering is not your friend during application!

Take a cluster and dip the top of the band into the glue in a scooping motion.  Make sure to grip the lash at an angle that is comfortable and suitable for applying to your own lashes.  You may want to practice a few times before committing to the glue.

Next go ahead and apply – under your lash as close to your waterline as possible without touching the skin.  I use the opposite end of the tweezers to wiggle or manoeuvre the lash into place if needed after I’ve placed it. 

 Once you’ve cracked the first one or two, you’ll be on a roll.  Continue applying as per your desired lash map.  I follow the pattern mentioned above as I prefer a winged effect; if you prefer a more doll-eyed look, apply your longer lashes in the centre of your eye. 

Once you’ve finished, the underside of your lash should look something like this: 

As you can see, I leave a slight gap in between each lash and avoid the temptation to fill in any gaps (unless they are glaring).  Ensuring your lashes have room to move and grow without pushing against one another will give you the longest life out of your extensions and they will stay flush and even for much longer.  After you’ve applied each cluster, you can also take your compact mirror and check your lashes from above to ensure they look seamless and even. 

A before and after shot from above really shows the difference these lashes make while still looking natural and undetectable from just a good coat of a decent mascara!

Once your lashes are applied and have had a good few minutes to dry, you can fuse them together with your own lashes for a bit of extra security.  This is totally optional but I personally feel this added extra step just makes the falsies feel completely simpatico with my own.  Use a wide tweezer or lash applicator to give the base of your lashes a good squeeze all the way along the lashline, careful not to tug as you pull away.

And your beautiful, faultless lashes are good to go!  I love the softness of these particular clusters and to keep them that way I avoid any mascaras (or much eye makeup at all really) and stick to a very natural look during the day.  I love the ease of getting ready and how comfortable they wear and genuinely forget I have them on! I find they respond well to a little clean with an oil free cleanser and cotton pad and can stand a gentle rub if you do indeed forget you’re wearing them and happen to rub your eye. 

I also use a wet spoolie to brush them through each day to freshen them up slightly (but avoid getting them wet for 12-24 hours after applying while the glue fully sets).

To remove I use the dedicated remover* and brush a dab of it along the glue with a tiny makeup brush, allow to soak for 5 to 10 minutes and they slide effortlessly away.  I find I get a good week to ten days out of each set before I remove and reapply, and whilst wearing I also use a serum to keep my own lashes nice and healthy. 

Let me know if you try this method and tag me in your photo’s on Instagram using the hashtag #sophiesbloguk so I can see your results!

Thanks for reading!

Speak soon,

Sophie x

*affiliate links for which I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you

2 thoughts on “DIY Natural Lash Extensions

  1. I’m not sure I’d have the nerve to try this, I’m sure I’d glue my eyes together! Your application looks perfect, how long did it take you to get your technique down?


    1. You’d be surprised how easy it is! I have been doing them for quite a few years, but there are plenty of lash kits out there for beginners too. Kiss Falscara is a good one to start with 🙂


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