A New Direction

When I first started writing around 6 years ago it began purely has a hobby. On maternity leave from a demanding, high pressured job I doted on my baby girl but also found myself with some extra free time to pursue a bit of writing that I’d never before had the capacity to explore. I found myself a free WordPress blog template, scrambled around for a few days to try and come up with an incredibly catchy and clever name (settling eventually on Gucci and the Feast at first – I know, genius) and began writing about Beauty, fashion, food … that sort of thing. I soon caught the bug and got swept up in the pursuit of numbers, and, realising I didn’t want to return to the pressure’s of a heavy job, I endeavoured to make blogging work for me as a source of income. No mean feat.

My venture into Youtube a couple of years later prompted the name change as I had rather pigeon-holed myself with the original tag and also made it quite impossible to bag any sort of brand deal due to the shameless pilfering! Therefore ‘Sophie’s Blog’ was born. Not hugely original but personal to me, broad enough to cover a whole host of topics and available enough to bag across social media.

With the added addition of the Youtube Channel I found myself perpetually chasing views and readers and as a result slowly losing the love for something I’d once felt so passionately about. It had turned from a hobby to a chore and it was then that my posts and video uploads slowed down immensely.

Fast forward a few years and I find myself on maternity leave with the long awaited baby numero dos and after a number of rather significant life events (during a global pandemic no less) I am ready for a fresh start. And the answer to relighting the creative fire in my belly is a simple one and that is to take my blog back to the official ‘hobby’ status and give up the chase of professional blogger. It’s a murky old world anyhow and the evolution of the influencer is not a journey of which I care to be a part, in truth.

Since my first toe-dip into the blogging world I have happily made writing in a professional capacity my career and am about to embark upon year 2 of a degree – both things I wish I’d started long before I turned 34, but nevertheless, we got there in the end. I’ve also decided to hang up my Youtube hat (however the Channel is still floating around out there for anyone curious enough to seek it out).

So here we are. Brand new blog with some fresh crisp pages to fill. The name may not have changed this time but my motive certainly has and I feel quite at home in a hobby shop of my own musings.

My first post coming very soon will be around planning using my bullet journal (or rather how I give myself the illusion of being organised), but for now you can read a little bit about me here if you’d like to know a little more about the face behind the words.

Thanks for visiting, speak soon.

Sophie x

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