Favourite CC/BB Creams

When it comes to base makeup my requirements vary dependant on occasion, current skin condition, amount of fake tan I’m wearing and how much I can be bothered!  If I’m having a particularly good skin day I love nothing more than reaching for a decent, light coverage foundation and more often than not a BB or CC Cream is my go to.

I’ve often been asked what I’m using on my skin when I’m wearing lighter products, a reassurance that less really can be more! Experimenting with different products can be a lengthy and costly affair, so I decided to compile a review of my favourite Creams, varying in budget, properties and finish for anyone who is wondering what to try…

Good All Rounder

Let’s begin with one of my absolute favourites – Clean and Clear Hint of Tint, costing £3.99.  I first purchased this years ago from Boots and it’s been a staple in my makeup bag ever since. Unfortunately Boots have since discontinued it but I’ve been able to get hold of it on Ebay with no problem.

I wear in shade medium and the depth of colour in this particular product is something that makes it such a firm favourite.  I often find lighter foundations or CC creams to lack density of shade but this give a perfectly bronzed, dewy finish that matches my skin tone  a dream. As well as offering a lasting, generous coverage, it also contains spot fighting ingredients and really feels like skin care and makeup in one.

With such a dewy finish (and me with oily skin) I do feel the need to set with a generous helping of powder, but paired with this I find it lasts all day, except for some slight patching around the jawline – but I am a face-toucher! I also must confess to some light transfer onto collars, cuffs, coffee cups and, on one unfortunate occasion, my best friends new dress.

Best applied with fingers, this cream sinks into the skin; covering blemishes and hiding large pores beautifully and also makes an excellent primer underneath regular foundation for a really intense coverage.

For the price this is up there with some of my all time makeup products!

Best All-In-One

Costing £9.99 in Superdrug, the GOSH BB Cream is never far from reach for those days when I want a touch of colour but not too much coverage.  Ideal for no-makeup makeup days, when you want to look a little more put together but not completely ‘done’, this product gives a light coverage and also acts as a foundation, primer, moisturiser and SPF all in one – perfect for a no fuss face!

Available in 3 shades, I wear warm beige, although admittedly this is still a a little light for me and I need a sweep of bronzer to finish off. This cream dries down a lot more than the Clean and Clear so is much quicker to apply as there is no real need to finish with a powder.  I find it perfect for days when I’m just dashing to the shops or doing the nursery run – or even if I’m staying home but for once don’t want the postman to think I’m a squatter who’s actually broken just into the house.

An ideal go-to for a good skin day, or the first step in a lengthy makeup routine, this BB cream can easily be padded out with a touch of concealer to give a gorgeous base for a flawless finish and genuinely does last the day.  I’ve not had a problem with transfer or patching and for just a wash of colour and touch of cover it’s a strong contender.

Super for Sensitive Skin

If, like me, you suffer from bouts of redness and uneven skin – sometimes rather than covering up it pays to correct and protect.  La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream is perfect for just a dab of coverage either locally in problem areas of all over for more dispersed redness.  I rarely use this alone (although it works nicely as a solo artist) but prefer to use as a base under regular foundation when I’m having a particularly bad skin day.

The formula is silky smooth and blends easily without any caking or creasing, and sits evenly all day under makeup. It claims to be a universal colour but I do find it a tad light on my skin when I’m freshly tanned. Which sort of makes sense really as it is designed to cover up redness (and does so spectacularly) therefore the radioactive glow of a newly bottle-tanned face stands no chance!

At £20 a time it’s definitely at the higher end of the price bracket but worth it in my opinion and because it spreads and covers generously, lasts long enough to justify the cost.

My Ultimate Favourite 

Years ago at an Arbonne Party I was quite instantly impressed by their cosmetics and torn between purchasing the regular foundation or their CC Cream.  I opted for the CC Cream as I didn’t veer toward a lighter coverage base as rule and decided I’d embrace the change. I’m so pleased I did!

My love affair with the dewy, natural look was born and I still find myself reaching for this in favour of a lot of my favourite foundations.  Surprisingly full coverage but with that signature glow that can only come from CC/BB Creams.  The formula is so creamy and rich it genuinely feels like a high end skin care product as opposed to a coverage cream. I love applying this as I would a foundation, often with a damp beauty blender, concealing where I need it and finishing with a dusting of powder.  It lasts all day (although the oiliness for me does creep in) and other than a little bit of fade around my nose I find it looks as good hours later as when I applied it.

At £34 it definitely isn’t in the affordable makeup arena but for me remains worth the high price point for the luxurious feel of the formula, the finish of the product and the longevity of the wear.

My favourite thing about the cream is how light and breathable it feels while still offering generous coverage and it remains a firm favourite in my makeup collection!


I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried any of these products or you could let me know your current favourite base products in your makeup routine!

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